Ella Bolster Andrews

F, b. 1 December 1864, d. before 1930
Father*Simeon Mace Andrews b. 1 Jan 1825, d. 22 Oct 1891
Mother*Mary Ellen Bolster b. 18 Nov 1836, d. 14 Sep 1903
     Her married name was Little. Ella Bolster Andrews married Everett W Little. Ella Bolster Andrews was born on 1 December 1864. She was the daughter of Simeon Mace Andrews and Mary Ellen Bolster. Ella Bolster Andrews appeared on the census of 24 June 1870 in the household of Mary Ellen Bolster at New York Ward 22 District 7, Page 33, New York, New York, NY; Property listed at $60,000 and personal estate listed at $20,000. Census taken did a poor job, spelled his name as Lemer. Occupation is Stage Line. This area is a very weathly area and a few doors down is William Rockafeller.... interesting part of town. Can't find any from this neighborhood in the 1880 census. Must not have been taken.1 Ella Bolster Andrews died before 1930.


Everett W Little d. b 1930


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