George Binnix

M, b. 1843, d. 1926
Father*Nathan P Binnix b. 1823
Mother*Ann R. Norris b. 1828
     George Binnix Civil War Corp. Co.E. 2nd Cav.

Woodlawn Cemetery

Maple Ave., Fairmont. Established 1875 as a corporation owned burial ground; extent, 15 acres; no restrictions as to type and placing of markers; fenced; landscaped; perpetual care; condition, good. Lots marked by concrete corner markers; graves marked by monuments and morticians' markers; lots for sale; burial records kept by H. J. McElfresh, Supt., 335 Maple Ave., Fairmont. He was buried at Woodland Cemetery. He was born in 1843. He was the son of Nathan P Binnix and Ann R. Norris. George Binnix died in 1926 at Fairmont, WV.