Ethel Konig

F, b. 1890, d. 23 March 1939
Father*Henry Konig b. 1861, d. 11 Mar 1951
Mother*Mary Louise b. 1865, d. 17 Sep 1920
     Ethel Konig was born in 1890 at Brooklyn, NY. She was the daughter of Henry Konig and Mary Louise. Ethel Konig married Harold Hampton Butler, son of Simeon Andrews Butler and Ella Gertrude Brown, on 4 February 1914 at Brooklyn, NY, USA. As of 4 February 1914,her married name was Butler. Ethel Konig died on 23 March 1939 at Bushwick Hospital. She was buried on 25 March 1939 at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.


Harold Hampton Butler b. 6 Aug 1890, d. 14 Apr 1919