Emeline Loper

F, b. January 1841, d. 7 January 1901
Father*Captain William Loper d. b 1900
     Emeline Loper was born in January 1841 at Greenport, Suffolk, NY. She was the daughter of Captain William Loper. Emeline Loper appeared on the census of 1850 in the household of Richard W Saunders at Saybrook, Middlesex, CT, USA. As of 2 September 1854,her married name was Ruckman. Emeline Loper married Thomas P Ruckman on 2 September 1854. Emeline Loper and Thomas P Ruckman were divorced on 19 July 1866; intemperance – misconduct. As of 27 September 1866,her married name was Wolven. Emeline Loper married John W Wolven on 27 September 1866. Emeline Loper died on 7 January 1901; Dead of pneumonia / Brights Disease. She was buried on 9 January 1901 at Hartford, CT.

Family 1

Thomas P Ruckman b. a 1830

Family 2

John W Wolven b. 28 Apr 1834, d. 28 Jun 1909