Johannes Nevius1

M, b. 1627, d. June 1672
Father*Johannes Nevius1 d. a 1634
Mother*(?) Unknown1
     Johannes Nevius [nevius.ged]

REFN: 6657. He was (an unknown value) at Ferry Master, Scherpen IN New Amsterdam IN 1657.1 He was born in 1627 at Zoelen, Gelderland.1 He was the son of Johannes Nevius and (?) Unknown.1 Johannes Nevius married Ariaentje Bleyck, daughter of Cornelis Bleyck and Swantje Puten, on 18 November 1653.1 Johannes Nevius died in June 1672 at Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY.1 He was Record Change on 13 January 2001.1


Ariaentje Bleyck


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