Daniel Perrin

M, b. 1632, d. September 1719
PERINE - STILWELL House, Oldest Section Erected 1679
Father*Pierre Perrin
     Daniel Perrin was born in 1632 at France. He was the son of Pierre Perrin. Daniel Perrin lived between 1666 and 1696; on tract of land granted to him by Englinsh Governer Benjamin Fletcher later called Smoking Point.1 He married Maria Thorel on 18 February 1665/66 at Elizabethown, N.J..2 Daniel Perrin married Elizabeth (?) after 1687.1 Daniel Perrin died in September 1719 at Staten Island, NY.

Family 1

Maria Thorel b. c 1645, d. a 1867

Family 2

Elizabeth (?) b. b 1687, d. a 9 Jun 1719


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