Eliza Stevenson Sterrett

F, b. 22 May 1820, d. 22 July 1912
Father*Robert Trimble Sterrett b. 19 Aug 1791, d. 5 Mar 1868
Mother*Mary Woods Stewart b. 14 Feb 1791, d. 1865
     Eliza Stevenson Sterrett was Ancestral File Numbe at 14V8-P9K. She was born on 22 May 1820 at Girard, Erie, Pa. She was the daughter of Robert Trimble Sterrett and Mary Woods Stewart. Eliza Stevenson Sterrett married Samuel Ebenezer Woodruff on 13 May 1847 at Girard, Erie, Pa. As of 13 May 1847,her married name was Woodruff. Eliza Stevenson Sterrett died on 22 July 1912 at Of Erie City, Erie, Pa, at age 92.


Samuel Ebenezer Woodruff b. 31 Mar 1817, d. 15 Apr 1881