Nathan Mcdowell Sterrett

Father*John Sterrett
     Nathan Mcdowell Sterrett was the son of John Sterrett. Nathan Mcdowell Sterrett 24. Nathan McDowell Sterrett (of John3, Cairns2, Benjamin1).
Born May 12, 1804; died May 3, 1866, at Warsaw, Ind. Married, about 1830, Marie Bruno.


i. Alonzo Livermore.
ii. Henry John, m. 1866, Lydia Raink; had, Jackson, Franklin,
and Clara.
iii. Smith Agnew, m. 1869, Tillie Larwell; had, Charles, Franklin,
Albert Clark (m. Edna Smith; lived Missoula, Mont.), Edna
(m. Laury McDaniel; lived Nevada, Mo.), Clara.
iv. Emma Eliza, m. R. C. Vaughan, in 1857.

1. Clara Vaughan, m. George McCarter; had, George, Joe,
Ruth, of Kansas City, Mo.
2. Lucy.
3. Nellia.
4. Juliet, m. Ora Dillon, and had, Mildred and Lois Dillon.
5. Lee.

6. Mamie, m. Samuel A. Patterson; had, Vaughan, Augustus,
and one daughter (Patterson); lived Memphis, Tenn.
v. Augustus Clark, m. 1874, Adaline Divers; had, Walter Benjamin,
William Franklin, b. July 6, 1877; Lucy Maria, Nellie
Augusta, Harry Clark (m. Mabel Nott, live at Freeport, Ill),
Helen Bertha, Charles Rockwood, Hattie May, Mary Eliza
and Lester G.
vi. William Benjamin, m. Alice Taylor of Warsaw, Mo; had,
Elizabeth, Juliett, Clara and Linnie.
vii. Jeffrey Beck, m. Mrs. J. D. McNiel; had, Jimmie and Max.
viii. Benjamin Franklin.
ix. Juliet, m. Thomas Jones of Windsor, Mo; had Emma (m.
Erwin Putman); Lula (m. Robert Milliman), Ella and
x. Ruston Nathan, m. Ella Gill; had a son, Wayne Sterrett; lived
Webb City, Mo.