Remmert Jansen Vanderbeeck

M, b. 1619
     Remmert Jansen Vanderbeeck "Early Settlers of Kings County, New York", page 239 says he emigrated from Ieveren in Westphalia. Another source say he came from Coevorden in Drenthein in the Netherlands. Rem was a blacksmith by trade. At the Ancestor's of Maria Vanderveer he is described as a sith from Jever in Oldenburg who was in New Amsterdam as early as 1638. He resided for some time at Albany. He bought a plantation at Wallabout adjoining that of his father-in-law prior to 1643.

All of his children chose the surname of Remsen.

Remmert Jansen Vanderbeeck was also known as Rem. He was born in 1619 at Jever, Netherlands. He married Jannetje Rapalje, daughter of Joris Janzen De Rapalje and Catalyntje Jeronomus Trico, on 21 December 1642 at DRC, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands.


Jannetje Rapalje b. 18 Aug 1629