Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt

M, b. 1627, d. 2 February 1704/5
     Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt was born about 1627 in Holland. Jean M. Rand, in her book "Some Descendants of Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt" speculates that Jan's father was named Aert (because of the use of patronymics by the Dutch). She also speculates that he came from Bilt, 3 miles east of Utrecht, Holland. He was about 13 when he emigrated to New Amsterdam. He was indentured, 12 Oct 1640, to Peter Wholfertsen Van Couvenhoven for three years. At age 16, in 1643, he participated in Indian fighting in the area. Jan had no money, this is why he was indentured as a servant for three years. Jan was very industrious, he was a prosperous farmer and owned land in a variety of places. Dorothy Kelly MacDowell in her book "Commodore Vanderbilt and His Family" places Jan Aertsen's birth date at about 1620. Since he died in 1705, his age would be between 78 and 85.

Jan married his first wife at the Dutch Reformed Church at New Amsterdam on February 6, 1650 to Anneken Hendricks. Jan was about 23. Jan and Anneken had three children. Anneken died about 1655. Jan was 28.

Jan married his second wife between 1655 and 1660. Jan was between 28 and 33. She was Dieber (Divertje) Cornelis, the widow of Lubbert Gysbertsen. Jan become the stepfather of five children. Jan and Dieber had one child. Dieber died before 1680.

Jan Aertsen owned a farm in 1661the location of which was described in the "The Social History of Flatbush" by Gertrude Lefferts Vanderbilt, published in 1881, in pages 221 and 229 as "From the south corner of Clarkson Street to the South corner of Winthrop Street... The original farm is now enclosed within Prospect Park."

Jan lived in New Amsterdam in 1663. On February 5, 1667, Jan mortgaged a bouwery of his in Flushing, Queens, New York, to Nicholas de Meyer

Jan married his third wife on December 10, 1681 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. Jan was 54. She was Magdalena Hanse/Jans Van Swol, the widow of Hendrick Jansen Spier and Harmen Edwards. Jan became the stepfather of nine more children. Jan and Magdalena had one child.

Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt had joined the Bergen, NJ Dutch Reformed Church by 1682. He sponsered the baptism of Frans Spier, his step grandchild, born 2 April 1683, and of Hendrick Spier, his step grandchild, born in 1685. Jan was on the Rate List of Flatbush in 1683. In the same year he and his son Aris Janse were named Overseers. Jan owned land in Bergen New Jersey in 1694. Jan died there in 1705 at age 78.

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He was born in 1627 at Holland. He married Anneken Hendricks on 6 February 1649/50 at DRC New Amsterdam, New Netherlands. Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt died on 2 February 1704/5 at Bergen, (Jersey City), NJ.


Anneken Hendricks b. c 1627, d. c 1655