Daniel Winant

M, b. August 1696, d. 7 March 1781
     Daniel Winant married an unknown person. He In the name of God, Amen. I, DANIEL WINANT, of Richmond County. I leave to my eldest son, Daniel, five shillings; to Catharine Wiser, my youngest daughter, all my money and goods and chattels (except Bonds); to Elizabeth Winant, my granddaughter, ?5, to be paid out of the Bonds when the money is called in; to Ann Winant, my granddaughter, ?10 out of said Bonds; to my granddaughter, Mary Winant, the daughter of Catharine Wiser, ?10 out of said Bonds; to my daughter, Catharine Wiser, two equal shares out of said Bonds, with my grandchildren, viz.: Daniel Butler, John Butler, Peter Butler, Catharine Butler, Christian Butler, Rachel Butler,Mary Macmoe, Daniel Winant, George Winant, Moses Winant, Zedekiah Winant, Rebeckah Winant, Elizabeth Winant, Martha Winant, Peter Winant, Cornelius Winant, George Winant, Isaac Winant, Jane Winant, Andeziah Winant, Mary Winant, each one equal share out of said Bonds. I make John Mersereau, Esq., and my daughter, Catharine Wiser, executors. Dated November 19, 1780. Witnesses, Gilbert Totten, farmer, Jacob Rickhow, farmer, Isaac Doty. Proved, March 7, 1781. He was born in August 1696 at Brooklyn, Kings, NY. He died on 7 March 1781 at Staten Island, NY, at age 84.