John Bullard

M, b. 1602, d. 27 October 1678
Father*William Bullard b. c 1562, d. c 1609
Mother*Grace Bignett b. bt 1551 - 1576, d. a 1629
     John Bullard [V44T1514.FTW]

John Bullard came to America around 1635 with his three brothers. He originally settled in Watertown, Massachusettes, where he was a proprietor in 1638 and where, with his wife, he was admitted to the church on 2 May 1639. He took the freeman's Oath on 13 May 1640. H e became a proprietor of the settlement at Dedham, Massachusettes with his brother, William, and a Sighner of the compact there. His lands were adjacent to his brother William's. The two brothers were said to be among the more able citizens. John was referred to in some accounts as " one of the two Bullards at Dedham ". In 1650 John became a proprietor of the new town of Medfoeld, Massachusettes. John had a house lot of 8 acres assighned to him in Medfield on what is now Main Street. It was nearly opposite the head of Spring Street. A new home was built on the property in1696. John, in 1675, was listed as a subscriber to the fund for the " new bric college" ( Harvard )
, with his contribution to be a 1 1/2 bushels of indian corn. In his will, his homestead was given to his son Joseph Bullard, with legacies to be paid to son-in-law, John Partridge, and two daughters, Abigail Stockwell and Hannah Allen. No other heirs were mentioned. John's death was said to be accidental, the result of a cart tipping over. John's second wife, Ellen, was the widow of Thomas Dickerman of Dorchester.
He was born in 1602 at Barnham, Suffolk, England. He was the son of William Bullard and Grace Bignett. John Bullard married Magdalen George before 1635 at England. John Bullard died on 27 October 1678 at Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusettes.


Magdalen George b. 1607, d. 29 Nov 1661