Joseph Bullard

M, b. 26 April 1643, d. before 1722
Father*John Bullard b. 1602, d. 27 Oct 1678
Mother*Magdalen George b. 1607, d. 29 Nov 1661
     Joseph Bullard [V44T1514.FTW]

Joseph Bullard was born on 26 April 1643 in Dedham, Suffolk, Mass. he was babtized on 30 April 1643 in Dedham, Mass.. He died before 1722. Joseph Bullard, son of John and Magdalene Bullard, was born in Dedham, Mass. according to the old style calander, on the 26th day of the 2nd month, 1643, and was babtized on the 30th day of the same month and year. He married about 1664 Sarah Jones, she survived Joseph and died a widow in 1772. Joseph owned a home in Medfield, Mass., which was among those burned by the indians during King Phillips War, and he never rebuilt, but lived on the homestead with his father until 1695. At that time he purchased a tract of land at a point where the towns of Medfield, Dover, and Walpole meet and settled there. This farm which is believed to have been the original settlement of the Bullard's in Dover became the property of Nathaniel Bullard son of Joseph & Sarah Bullard who succeeded to the homestead, and whose widow soon after his death in 1753 sold the farm. In 1696 Joseph Bullard sold the old homestead in Medfield, which had come to him by terms of his father's will. His name appears on the list of the Contributers to Harvard, who had been burned out by the indians since their subscriptions, but who " paid in indian corn" on 15 February 1678.

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He was born on 26 April 1643 at Dedham, Norfolk Co., Massachusettes. He was the son of John Bullard and Magdalen George. Joseph Bullard married Sarah Jones between 1663 and 1693. Joseph Bullard died before 1722 at Massachusettes.


Sarah Jones b. b 1650, d. 1722