Hans Martin Kitzmiller1

M, b. 1705, d. 1786
Father*Johannes Kitzmuller1 b. 1669, d. 5 Mar 1745/46
Mother*Christina Dyerhin1 b. b 1670, d. b 1728
FatherJohannes Kitzmuller1 b. 1665, d. 5 Mar 1746/47
Mother-OtherChristina Dyerhin b. b 1670, d. b 1728; unknown1
     Hans Martin Kitzmiller 1738, built a Saw Mill on the Kitzmiller farm near Hanover, Pennsylvania.

In 1733, built first mill in Adams County, Pennsylvania-midway between Littlestown and Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Conewago is an iroquois name meaning below the riffles. Martin Kitzmiller first purchased this land in a proprietary tract known as "Digges Choice" in 1737. The tract as surveyed contained 6,822 acres and was described as lying on "Little Conewago Creek". It principally lay in what is now Adams County, but passed into York County. In this county it comprised the present limits of Germany and Conowago Townships. He was born in 1705 at Walldorf/Heidelberg, Germany.1 He was the son of Johannes Kitzmuller and Christina Dyerhin.1 Hans Martin Kitzmiller married Julianna Benckner, daughter of Christoffel Benckner, in 1730. Hans Martin Kitzmiller lived in 1738 at Hanover, PA.1 He died in 1786 at Adams Co, PA.


Julianna Benckner b. 1704, d. 1789


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