Elizabeth Sterrett

F, b. circa 1762, d. between 1752 and 1828
Father*William Sterrett b. 1724, d. c 1801
Mother*Jane Morrow b. c 1727, d. 1794
     Elizabeth Sterrett Married James Laird, born in Ireland. He came to America with his parents, Matthew (born about 1737) and Margaret (Brown) Laird, who settled near Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pa., where three other children were born, John, Moses, born about 1766, and Isabella, born about 1770. Later the father removed to Northumberland County, where he married a Miss McClenahan as his second wife, and by whom he had, Margaret, Matthew, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Ann. The father died in 1821.

James Laird married a Miss Sterrett of Cumberland County and removed to western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Mention of a visit to their home is made in the autobiographical notes written in 1877, by Robert Hayes Laird, son of James' brother Moses Laird. He stated then, and had previously stated in 1873: "Parents and children, six in number, all dead." A note from Miss Lucretia C. Fruit of Lewisburg, Pa., stepdaughter of Robert Hayes Laird, in February, 1909, was to the effect that James Laird married and went eight miles west of Pittsburgh; had six children, Matthew, James, William, Margaret, Isabel, and Elizabeth, although she had no knowledge of the Laird-Sterrett union.

Mathew Laird, born 1803, son of Moses, who went to school at Cannonsburg, spent his vacations with James Laird; and another nephew, Robert H. Laird, with his wife, visited James Laird in 1844.

She was Ancestral File Numbe at 11X7-RT3. She was born between 1734 and 1774. She married James Laird between 1752 and 1806. Elizabeth Sterrett died between 1752 and 1828. As of between 1752 and 1806,her married name was Laird. She was born circa 1762 at <, Cumberland Co., Pa>. She was the daughter of William Sterrett and Jane Morrow.


James Laird b. bt 1727 - 1772, d. bt 1752 - 1817