William Sterrett

M, b. 1724, d. circa 1801
Father*Robert Sterrett b. c 1702, d. Apr 1777
Mother*Mary Ramsey b. c 1707, d. a 1789
     William Sterrett was Ancestral File Numbe at X3N0-R6. He
14. William Sterrett (of Robert2, Benjamin1).
Said to have been about three years old when his parents came to America. Removed from Lancaster to Cumberland County about 1750 and settled on the Barrens, north of Big Spring, where he acquired 714 acres of land. He was overseer of the Poor in Dauphin County for several years, and his descendants are generally referred to as the Shippensburg Sterretts. He and his wife were members of the Middle Spring Church in Cumberland County where he contributed to the building of the old stone church in 1781. Married Jane Morrow, dau. of Samuel and Jane Morrow, who died about 1794; mother of his children. Married (2) Molly Duncan, by whom he had no children.

Children, born Cumberland County, Pa.:

+33. i. Robert, d. 1824, Erie County, Pa; m. Margaret McComb.
+34 ii. James, b. 1755; d. Oct. 15, 1822, Erie County, Pa; m.
Anna McKnight.
iii. William, probably the William, "Jr.," who married at
Paxtang, Dec. 23, 1779; but name of wife not given.
+35. iv. Thomas, m. Margaret (???).
+36. v. Jane, m. William Trimble.
+37. vi. Mary, m. James McKnight.
+37-A. vii. Elizabeth, m. James Laird.

He was born between 1704 and 1733. He was born in 1724 at Scotland. He was the son of Robert Sterrett and Mary Ramsey. William Sterrett married Jane Morrow, daughter of Samuel Morrow and Jane (?), between 1730 and 1772. William Sterrett married Jane Morrow, daughter of Samuel Morrow and Jane (?), circa 1751. William Sterrett died between 1756 and 1796. He died circa 1801 at Cumberland, Pa.


Jane Morrow b. c 1727, d. 1794