James Sterrett

M, b. 1755, d. 15 October 1822
Father*William Sterrett b. 1724, d. c 1801
Mother*Jane Morrow b. c 1727, d. 1794
     James Sterrett began military service at sergeant and ensign in the 4th battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania militia. He 34. James Sterrett (of William3, Robert2, Benjamin1).
Born in the year 1755; died October 15, 1822, in Erie County. Married Anna McKnight, born 1760; died March 30, 1815. They were farmers, living in Newton Township, Cumberland County, Pa., until the year 1807, when he sold his farm of 200 acres, which he had purchased from his father, and moved to Erie County in that year. They came across the mountains with two four-horse wagons and one two-horse wagon for Grandmother and the children to ride in. They settled on 400 acres in the northwest corner of McKean Township, which for many years it was thought he purchased from his brother Robert. Recently the original deed was found in the old farmhouse, by which it is now known that James contracted with Thomas Rees, et al., on June 1, 1797, for 400 acres of land, and received the deed from the Population Land Company (of whom Thomas Rees, Esq., was the local representative for many years), dated August 15, 1808; Deed Book A, pp. 508, 509, 510. Consideration, $200.00, and to "clear and fence eight acres, and to erect a house fit for the habitation of man." "This," the deed recites, "James hath done." Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Robert, his brother, did this for him, as Robert lived on this land from 1804 to 1807, doubtless to hold the title until his brother James was ready to come from Cumberland County to take possession.

This land has always remained in the family name, and is now owned by T. S. D. Sterrett. When James settled on this land, with the exception of about ten acres of clearing, it was one solid forest of oak, maple, black walnut, hemlock, ash, etc., which was cut and burned, in order to clear the land. At the time James' brother Robert came to Erie County, and settled on this farm, any man was allowed to take up a claim of 200 acres provided he made certain improvements and lived on it for five years, etc. Robert took up two claims, and built a double cabin, each being about 16 by 18 feet; each containing two rooms and attic, and the two being joined together by one roof, forming a hall about 12 feet wide, between them. It was built entirely of logs, the stairs leading to the attics being formed by driving pegs into holes in the logs; each cabin had a fireplace on the side, and one window in each end.

James Sterrett gave service during the Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania troops, as Ensign in the 5th Company, 4th Battalion, Lancaster County Militia, under Captain Patrick Hays, Lt. Col. Jacob Cook, under date of April 15, 1783.

Children, all born in Cumberland County:

+53. i. Ann, b. Dec. 13, 1779; d. Dec. 13, 1854; m. George S.
+54. ii. William, b. Nov. 10, 1781; m. Martha Chambers.
+55. iii. James M., b. Feb. 10, 1784; m. Christienna, or Jane
+56. iv. Jane, b. April 28, 1787; m. Sheldon Ball.
+57. v. David, b. March 30, 1789; m. Mary Sterrett.
+58. vi. Robert, b. Aug. 19, 1791; m. Mary Woods Stewart.
+59. vii. Thomas, b. Sept. 19, 1794; m. Sybia Jenkins.
+60. viii. Samuel H., b. Aug. 20, 1797; m. Lydia Kitsmiller.
+61. ix. Joseph M., b. Feb. 19, 1800; m. Catherine Riblet.
He was Ancestral File Numbe at 11X7-RN2. He was born in 1755 at Cumberland Co., Pa. He was born in 1755 at Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of William Sterrett and Jane Morrow. James Sterrett married Anna McKnight between 1774 and 1801. James Sterrett married Anna McKnight in 1778. James Sterrett died on 1 October 1822 at Erie Co., Pa. He died on 15 October 1822 at Erie County, Pennsylvania.


Anna McKnight b. 1760, d. 30 Mar 1815