James Sterrett

M, b. circa 1731, d. circa April 1809
Father*Robert Sterrett b. c 1702, d. Apr 1777
Mother*Mary Ramsey b. c 1707, d. a 1789
     James Sterrett married Sarah Montgomery. James Sterrett was Ancestral File Numbe at X3N0-SC. He 15. James Sterrett (of Robert2, Benjamin1).
Of Lancaster County; his will dated August 19, 1808; registered May 2, 1809; married Sarah Montgomery, daughter of James and Frances (Crawford) Montgomery. They settled on the farm of two hundred and fifty acres of land which his father conveyed to him in 1767, which was patented November 3, 1761; situate about one mile north of the Lancaster and Harrisburg Turnpike, and about two miles northeast of Mt. Joy, Lancaster County. His wife is buried in a Presbyterian churchyard near Reedsville, Pa., where she died while visiting relatives in Mifflin County.

Children, born Lancaster County:

+38. i. James, b. July, 1758; m. 1st, Mary Hanna; 2d, Margaret
+39. ii. Frances, b. Oct. 3, 1760; m. Samuel Woods.
+40. iii. William, b. 1762; m. Sarah Woods.
+41. iv. Robert, b. Aug. 2, 1763; m. Rosanna Green.
+42. v. David, b. May 3, 1765; m. Elizabeth Hanna.
vi. Mary, b. 1769; d. Dec. 28, 1787, ‘ 18 years.
+43. vii. John, b. 1772; m. Rebecca Woods.
viii. Nathaniel, b. 1774; d. July 2, 1807, ‘. 33 years,
+44. ix. Charles, b. Sept. 30, 1777; m. Rachel Caywood. He was born circa 1731 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Robert Sterrett and Mary Ramsey. James Sterrett died circa April 1809 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania.