Thomas Sterrett

M, b. 19 September 1794, d. 31 July 1839
Father*James Sterrett b. 1755, d. 15 Oct 1822
Mother*Anna McKnight b. 1760, d. 30 Mar 1815
     Thomas Sterrett was Ancestral File Numbe at L9NX-51. He
35. Thomas Sterrett (of William3, Robert2, Benjamin1).
Married Margaret (???); removed to Erie County, Pa., and bought land, where the borough of Northeast now is, from a Mr. Dundass; put up a frame for a flour mill, and had the castings and machinery on the ground, which had been carted from Pittsburgh, when the title to the land was disputed. After much litigation his claim was lost, and he then removed to Illinois and settled on the Kaskaskia River section.


+62. i. William, b. abt. 1790; m. Mary Moore.
ii. James, said to have m., and had a daughter, and two sons,
James and Frank.
iii. Sarah, m. (???) Lock.
iv. Margaret, m. (???) Pelham.
v. Thomas.
vi. Anna, m. (???) Bryant.
vii. Andrew.
He was buried at Sterrettania Cem, Erie, Pa. He was born on 19 September 1794 at Cumberland, Pa. He was the son of James Sterrett and Anna McKnight. Thomas Sterrett died on 31 July 1839 at Mckean Twp, Erie, Pa, at age 44.