Robert Sterrett

M, b. circa 1739, d. after 1780
Father*Robert Sterrett b. c 1702, d. Apr 1777
Mother*Mary Ramsey b. c 1707, d. a 1789
     Robert Sterrett married an unknown person. He was Ancestral File Numbe at 14V9-9LH. He was Ancestral File Numbe at X3N0-X2. He 18. Robert Sterrett (of Robert2, Benjamin1).
Said by Miss Martha Woods of Carlisle, genealogist of the eastern branches of this family, and to whom the compiler is greatly indebted, to have gone to Virginia. He was married, at the time of his father's will, as his father specified that if Robert left no children, and died before his wife, that she was to live on his (Robert, Jr.'s) share of the estate.

Abstracts of the Records of Augusta County, Virginia, list a Robert Sterrett as of Black Creek, in 1780; see Vol. II, p. 410. Under marriage records of Augusta County, is one of John Todd and Sarah Sterrett, called "daughter of Robert and sister of Charles."

A family record gives this Robert Sterrett a wife by name of Catherine Allison, born January 31, 1752; died February 16, 1818; and sons John and Thomas.

Possible children:

i. Sarah, "of age," when married, Aug. 13, 1800, to John Todd.
ii. Charles, living 1800, brother of Sarah.
+48. iii. John, b. 1782; d. 1826; m. Margaret Bayard; line from
iv. Thomas, said to have been brother of John.

There is some data with the manuscript of the Sterrett Family of Virginia, taken from the papers of Prof. John R. S. Sterrett of Cornell University, evidently abstracts taken from public records, although it is not stated exactly where, as follows: Proof that John Sterrett, who settled in Craigsville, Va., was accompanied by a number of other Starretts who either died without issue, or removed elsewhere:

a. Robert Starret, a nephew of John Starrett, was living at Craigsville, April 25, 1808. (Query, was this the above Robert?)

b. Very old and illiterate Robert Starret gave a receipt for $90 to John Starret.

These are the items only concerned with the name Robert.
He was born circa 1739 at Pa. He was the son of Robert Sterrett and Mary Ramsey. Robert Sterrett was born circa 1740 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He died after 1780 at Of Augusta Co, Va. He died after 1793 at Virginia.