David Sterrett

M, b. 1737, d. 2 November 1790
Father*Robert Sterrett b. c 1702, d. Apr 1777
Mother*Mary Ramsey b. c 1707, d. a 1789
     David Sterrett 17. David Sterrett (of Robert2, Benjamin1).

Born 1737; died Nov. 2, 1790; tombstone still standing, at Newville, Pa. Married in the Derry Church, by the Rev. John Roan, May 5, 1762, Rachel Innis, born 1739; died July 29, 1814; daughter of Brice and Elizabeth (Graham) Innis.

They removed to Cumberland County in 1762, buying land on the north side of the Valley in Hopewell and Mifflin Townships, and built a gristmill to grind grain into more convenient bulk for hauling in wagons to Baltimore and Lancaster, the nearest markets at that time.

He built the first brick house in the country west of Carlisle, in 1789, and left it to his son David. In his will, he refers to it as "the plantation with the mansion house." The skilled workmen were brought from Philadelphia. Its ownership has now passed out of the Sterrett name, and it has been remodelled by painting the old brick a bright red, and by taking out the small round windows, but the walls still stand in a good state of preservation and will be good for another century. David Sterrett was one of the trustees who applied for a Charter to build the Presbyterian church, and is buried in the Sterrett lot in the graveyard of this church, with other members of his family.


+45. i. Robert, b. Feb. 17, 1763; m. 1st, Martha Woods; 2d, Nancy
ii. Brice Innis, b. Feb. 5, 1764; d. (???) 29, 1848, unm.
A newspaper clipping says he died "at the home of David Sterrett, Esq.,"--that "he was one of the oldest and most estimable citizens of Cumberland County; that his death equalized that of a Christian having a bright prospect of a glorious immortality." This bears out the tradition handed down that he was one of the finest of men, courteous, generous, and kind; a real Christian, not alone in actions but also in heart.

+46. iii. David, b. April 29, 1767; m. Isabella Wilson.
iv. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 2, 1769; m. May 10, 1796, James Stevison,
and lived near Pittsburgh. After his death, Elizabeth
is said to have returned to Cumberland County, and died
there in the 75th year of her age. One son is said to have
been a practising physician of Cannonsburg, Pa., and
married a Miss Palmer. One of the girls is said to have
married a Rev. Ensing of Pittsburgh.

Warner, David, Robert, Elizabeth, and Agnes.
+47. v. John, b. April 11, 1772; m. Nancy Chambers.
vi. William, b. Jan. 15, 1778; d. young.
vii. Mary, b. March 14, 1785; d. young.

He was Ancestral File Numbe at X3N5-KT. He was born in 1737. He was born in 1737 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Robert Sterrett and Mary Ramsey. David Sterrett married Rachel Innis between 1754 and 1781. David Sterrett was buried in 1790 at Big Spr.pr. Cem., Newville, Cumberland, Pa. He died on 2 November 1790. He died on 2 November 1790 at Hopewell Twp., Cumberland, Pa.


Rachel Innis b. bt 1733 - 1752, d. bt 1754 - 1827