William Sterrett

Father*Cairns Sterrett b. 1721, d. 1798
Mother*Maria Mayes
     William Sterrett was the son of Cairns Sterrett and Maria Mayes. William Sterrett 9. William Sterrett (of Cairns2, Benjamin1).
Died 1822; letters of administration issued November 6, 1822, to Daniel Rhea; Franklin County, Vol. C, page 620; 724; October 9, 1824, letters to Joseph Eaker; sale of real estate shows following children and wife, Margaret (???):

i. Mary, wife of Joseph Eaker.
ii. Nancy, wife of John Skinner.
iii. James.
iv. Sarah, wife of Joseph Shannon. Had Ann, Margaret, who m.
William McClellan; Martha, who m. William Hanna, and
v. William.
vi. Andrew.
vii. Rebecca.
viii. Ann, wife of James McClellan.
ix. Benjamin, who died a few weeks after his father.
He married Margaret (?).


Margaret (?)