John Sterrett

M, b. circa 1698, d. 5 April 1748
Father*Benjamin Sterrett b. c 1670, d. 1739
Mother*Isabelle (?) b. c 1675, d. a 1739
     John Sterrett 2. John Sterrett (of Benjamin1).
Of Rapho Township, Lancaster County, Pa., made nuncupative will April 5, 1748, in presence of Samuel Scott and William Wallace, who deposed on May 10 that he had died two hours after making his will. The executors were his wife, Martha, son James, and his brother-in-law, Andrew Work.--Lancaster County Probates.

His wife, Martha Work, made her will November 11, 1751, which was registered May 20, 1754. The executors were Andrew Work and Joseph Sterrett. Her will calls daughter Mary, "Mary Smith," and names beside her, only her daughters Ann Sterrett and Rebecca Sterrett; John Sterrett, a son, and James Sterrett, a grandson. John is probably a misreading for Joseph, or else was a grandson, as the only two sons mentioned in any of the deeds between these children were James and Joseph, both named in their father's will, which calls Mary, "Mary Sterrett."

Children, born Rapho Township, Lancaster County:

i. James, b. 1723; m. Mary (???) (deeds with her, 1753, 1761).
d. March 30, 1808, ae. 85 yrs. Buried Donegal churchyard.
+ 8. ii. Joseph, extr. mother's will, 1754.
iii. Mary, m. (???) Smith between 1748-1751.
iv. Ann, called spinster in deed, 1753.
v. Rebecca.
vi. Elizabeth, m. Edward Crawford before 1748.
vii. Martha, m. April 3, 1745, James Wilson.
viii. Sarah, m. Abraham Lowry, before 1748.
ix. Daughter, probably deceased before 1748, as her father mentions
the three children of William Young.
He was Ancestral File Numbe at X3N1-K9. He married Martha Work. John Sterrett was born circa 1698 at Scotland. He was the son of Benjamin Sterrett and Isabelle (?). John Sterrett died on 5 April 1748 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Martha Work d. c 1748