Benjamin Sterrett

M, b. circa 1670, d. 1739
     Benjamin Sterrett was Ancestral File Numbe at X3N0-Z7. He 1. Benjamin Sterrett.

Died intestate, in the county of Lancaster, Province of Pennsylvania, in 1739. Letters of administration were granted March 17, 1739, to his widow Isabelle, John Sterrett and Andrew Mayes, sureties. No children mentioned. Family tradition says he was the father of Robert Sterrett of Lancaster and Dauphin Counties.

In a deed from Cairns Starret and Mary, his wife, to Abraham and Henry Stricklas, under date of March 26, 1759, found in Book K, page 32, of Lancaster County Records, the following proof of certain of the children of the above Benjamin is found:

.... "Whereas, Benjamin Starret, late of the County of Lancaster,--deceased, in his lifetime became seized in fee of two tracts of land, situate then in the Twpt. of Donegal, but since division of the townships, in the Twpt. of Rapho, in said County, one tract thereof beginning ... Etc. The other tract beginning ... etc. Which said two tracts of land were confirmed to the said Benjamin Starret by Patent--entered in the Rolls Office for the City and County of Philadelphia in Patent Book A., Vol. I, page 136. Benjamin Starret being so seized thereof, died intestate, and left issue three sons and one daughter,--John, James and above named Cairns, the sons, and Mary the wife of John Kennedy, the daughter, to whom the above described lands and premises descended in common as heirs at law. John Kennedy and wife, and John conveyed their undivided interests in the above described lands to their brother Cairns, by deeds, Book D, page 34; Book K, page 31; James Sterrett the other son of the aforesaid Benjamin, likewise since died intestate, and without issue, and his undivided share of above described lands devolved to the above named Cairns Starrett by means whereof he the said Cairns Sterrett became seized in fee of the whole of the lands and premises above described."

This deed conveys these two tracts of land to Abraham and Henry Stricklas. Benjamin Sterrett was also known as Benjamin Sterrett. He was born circa 1670 at Scotland. He married Isabelle (?) between 1672 and 1723. Benjamin Sterrett married Isabelle (?) circa 1700 at Scotland. Benjamin Sterrett died in 1739 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Isabelle (?) b. c 1675, d. a 1739